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We currently have Version 6 which includes PlatTracker Plus!  You might also be interested in our wireless/remote add on!


Import aeriel picture or plat and easily add color and labels to show which bidders are leading.

Plat Tracker Plus

Show which bidders are leading by displaying a colorized plat map! After each bid, the parcels are color coded with every leading bidder's color. Create parcel boundaries just by clicking your mouse, then add a parcel label on top of each parcel. That's it--you're ready to go!

Change bid method anytime

Change your bid method in the middle of the auction, or before each bid if you wish!  You can start your auction by entering bids on a “per-acre” basis, then change to "total dollars" later on.


Display bid amount needed for a non-winning bidder to reclaim a winning position.

"To Lead" Column

The "To Lead" column displays what amounts non-leading bidders must bid to reclaim the lead. This makes expensive and troublesome wireless handheld computers obsolete.

Export data

Export the winning bidders and bid amounts to file formats such as CSV, XLS, SDF,DBF,TXT, and WK1.  Merge your customized  purchase agreement  file with data in any of these file formats.


Display various board arrangements.


Select from the View option of the  navigator menu to display various board arrangements.  You can also enter your bids from any screen.

Wireless Remote Option

Our optional Wireless/Remote software allows you to network up to 15 remote computers to the main (Host) computer. Let your bid assistants do bid queries from these computers. Use one of them with a projector to project the auction on a big screen.

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